Low Cost Web Design & Redesign 

Whether you want a new website or revamp your existing website, you need to identify a good web designing company which can understand your requirements and be willing to work along with you in improving your business and make your online presence felt. Web designing is not a onetime contract with Web Design Company; it is a process in which two companies work together for a longer time. Our expert web designers are trained to work with clients like you. They understand your requirements and will be able to provide you solutions for all your online expectations. They understand web design in a two sided process and have lots of dependency on you, ie, clients.

Website Redesign / Enhancements:

Do you already have a website? Are you not getting the necessary hits and business through your site? Examine the below questions and please call us if you would like a website-makeover to take your business to the next level.

  • Is your site up-to-date in terms of appearance, information and technology?
  • Is it Search engine friendly?
  • Does it have enough potential to establish contact? Does it generate business?
  • Are there components in the website that incite a repeat visit?

If your answer is no for any one of the above questions then an image makeover awaits your existing site! Take charge of the perception a potential customer might have about your company. Your site can be built professionally on a reasonable budget, with greater lifespan.

How do Volens work?

With an extremely talented and creative workforce, all our web designing projects are handled in-house. From concept to collaboration, creation, virtual realization and presentation, our processes are completely streamlined, providing transparency and clarity in the way we work.

Design Concept

volens begin the process by understanding the client’s requirements. We then provide an idea to the client and work with them to arrive at mutually agreeable themes and concepts. On client’s approval of the estimate we begin working towards the subsequent phases of the web design, development cycle and deliverable’s.


Volens work closely with the client’s team to present a prototype of the concept. Once the client approves, we set timelines for the phases and deliverable’s. We also register domain name and web hosting account if required by the client.

Design Creation:

The implementation of the prototype phase will include creating the theme of the project, branding, website design, content and SEO methodologies. Clients can view them online, for sharing their feedback about upgrades and changes, if required.

Virtual Realization:

The prototype becomes a Virtual reality, when concept, design, and all the other elements transform into fully functional web pages in the website. The completed website is presented to the client for review and transferred to the client’s web hosting account on approval.

Website Maintenance

Maintaining a Website is as important as creating one. It provides visitors a sense of assurance about the organization and their products or services. It is important to give the visitor something to look forward to each time they visit the website. However, devoting the time and dedication to maintaining a website can be difficult and challenging and volens can ensure that you don’t have to worry about the day-day maintenance of your website.

Refresh the Look

With us on board, you can be assured that your website will be always buzzling with activity. volens can help change the look and feel of your website that will enhance your company’s image and provide your visitors something to look forward to at every visit.

Technology Yield

A website needs to be current and updated all the time which is a time consuming task. At Volens, we assure that your website is devoid of obsolete content, images and links. As you make progress in your business, you can share the information through the website and we will position your site in a way that compel people to Bookmark the URL!

Escape Bug Attacks!

Volens provide support for the website, so that any issues that may arise will be attended to and fixed by our competent team of programmers. We also advise on the latest technologies available to safeguard the website from virus threats and bugs and will implement the same for you as per the requirement.

Social Media Maintenance

With the Social Media becoming the essential platform to connect with existing and potential customers volens can be your in-house PR agent, keeping your Social media presence up-to-date. volens can regularly update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+ pages and keep them consistent and engaging.

Easy Maintenance Plans

volens can provide a maintenance plan for you as per your specific requirement. Our custom developed packages provide service on an hourly, monthly, yearly basis